Water & Sun

Limitless sources of clean energy

Water & Sun

Limitless sources of clean energy

Sunlution presents innovative solutions in the development and implementation of sustainable projects for floating and ground solar power plants.

Photovoltaic energy is electricity produced when sunlight touches the surface of photovoltaic cells and converts it into electrical energy.

Floating photovoltaic energy goes a step further. It is exactly what the name implies: panels assembled over water. This application has already been used in different countries around the world and Sunlution is a pioneer in its implementation in Brazil.

In addition to the environmental advantages, solar energy, both floating and on the ground, brings economic and strategic benefits.

Benefits of floating solar power plants

Fully renewable energy source, more resilient, and stable

Long-lasting equipment, up to 25 years, reducing the need for maintenance.

Panel cooling by the water makes floating solar plants 15% more efficient than traditional ones mounted on the ground.

Increased power generation capacity of up to 17% in hydroelectric plants associated with floating solar plants.

70% reduction in evaporation in the areas shaded by the panels

Inhibits the proliferation of algae in dams and lakes